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Legal address in Minsk for rent

What is a legal address

According to the legislation a legal address is the location of an organisation, an enterprise, a company, an individual entrepreneur or another legal entity. It is necessary for carrying out activities and getting full legal status, for registrations, re-registrations, mergences, deals, reorganisations, definition of jurisdiction over disputes and for reporting tax authorities.

The acquisition of commercial real estate in the property is not always possible and advisable. As for the lease of real premises, it may not be necessary in view of the specific nature of the organization. What is more, there is no need to pay bills for utility, maintenance works, cleaning and to bear other related expenses.

We suggest to you an ultimate solution with a guarantee of reliability, efficiency and probity. Cooperating with us you obtain a package of documents for carrying out legitimate activities without bureaucratic delays and problems with the purity of the transaction.

Rent a legal address in Minsk:

  • It is advantageous. The conclusion of a direct treaty with the owner of non-residential premises means a monthly payment of a real lease and excludes intermediaries and payment for their services.
  • It is comfortable. It is an ideal decision for mobile companies and remote work, for new businesses to handle official procedures, to attach to a certain tax department when needed.
  • It is logical. A company with an office leased in Minsk city center will be more credible than one with registration on the outskirts or in the provinces.

Cooperation with us is simple. Do you need location in Minsk on a turnkey basis? We’ll provide you variants according to your request and we’ll rid you of time wasting and paperwork.

How to get a legal address

Dozens of large and small organizations resort to a procedure of leasing a legal address without placement. We exclude possible problems related to mail delivery, bank or tax inspection.

Our service underwrites promptness and reliability. Extensive work experience, expert competence and advanced interaction process ensure professionalism and efficiency in completing a set of documents and maintaining a contract, and minimize time losses.

Procedure of provision includes several steps

  • Choosing the name of an organisation and getting confirmation certificate in Minsk City Executive Committee.
  • Choosing a city district where an organisation needs to be placed.
  • Call us or send a request on the site.
  • Come to our office with the certificate of approval of the name and with the passport of a founder.
  • Receive a letter of surety, according to which the owner is obliged to provide premises for the organization.
  • Next, you go through state registration and open an operating account.
  • And come to us again to sign a lease arrangement.

We are always ready to give you help in any comfortable way, such as an in-person meeting, a phone call or via email.

Choose a district

At the moment, we can offer four districts in the city of Minsk to place your organization. You can find out detailed information about the conditions and location by clicking on the button below.

Payment under the contract is made at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day the payment is rendered. We work without VAT.

$25 month for a year plan
$30 month for 6 months plan
$40 month per month
$25 month for a year plan
$30 month for 6 months plan
$40 month per month
$25 month for a year plan
$30 month for 6 months plan
$40 month per month
$25 month for a year plan
$30 month for 6 months plan
$40 month per month


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